Honoring the sacrifices of the Canadian Armed Forces: True Patriot Love Foundation, #ORadio

TruePatriotLoveOstrolenk speaks with Geordie Young, Civilian Team Co-Chair of the True Patriot Love Foundation. Young first discovered the True Patriot Love Foundation after being inspired by the Unbeatable Mind Foundation to search out a cause through which he could contribute to his community. The True Patriot Love Foundation works with veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces by hosting global expeditions, which help bridge the gap between military and civilian communities.

In January 2016, on an expedition Young has helped to organize, a team of civilians and Canadian veterans will hike Mount Vinson, the highest point in Antarctica. Young describes that the purpose of this mission is three-fold: to introduce civilian leaders to veterans and the amble talent and motivation that they bring home, to raise awareness and funds around the cause, and to instill confidence and purpose in veterans, many of whom are recovering from physical injuries.

To read updates on the expedition, visit tplexpedition.com/about/true-patriot-love/
To read more on the cause, visit: truepatriotlove.com/

Cultural Cross Currents in American Health Care #ORadio

Ostrolenk speaks with Jim Turner (Chairman of Citizens for Health and President ofVoice for Hope) and Roger Jahnke (Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Director of Health Action) on the state of health care. Ostrolenk notes that today’s policy conversations surround supporting or repealing Obamacare. Those conversations are about who should pay for medicine in America and who controls those decisions. As important as that conversation might be, another conversation needs to take place which is what would health promoting systems actually look like in America. Commenting on this, Jahnke describes how health care systems are increasingly incorporating integrated medical systems, and individuals are increasingly engaged in their own personal wellness. Jahnke also describes the Healer Within concept, through which each person is born with a finite amount of rehabilitating power, which can either be maximized or overused. Following these ideas, the conversation evolves to a discussion on the duality of our current system: a trend towards centralized control of health care alongside a decentralized trend of people utilizing technology and information to take a proactive role in their own wellness. Jahnke concludes by asking if this needs to be a debate: do we have to take a side, or is the answer in the integration of this apparent duality within the context of spontaneous order?

To learn more about Roger Janke’s work visit The Institute of Integral Quigong and Tai Chi and The Healer Within Foundation

Ostrolenk on Toward A More Integrated Psychology #ORadio

Ostrolenk is interviewed by @KikiWeingarten on his work and education in transpersonal counseling psychology. Ostrolenk chronicles how from a young age he was interested in alternative education, alternative medicines, and eastern philosophy; these lifelong interests eventually led him to higher education in transpersonal psychology. Ostrolenk discusses the need to create a more comprehensive model for psychology which includes physiological cultural, environmental and social factors. He also discusses his training and use of somatics in his therapy and coaching work. Other issues addressed include adapting to the world as it is or transforming oneself in relationship to a new world, defense mechanisms and their benefits, as well as the purpose of counseling.

Move Well, Live Healthy #ORadio

Ostrolenk speaks with Jeff Kuhland, a lifetime fitness professional and trainer with MovNat. Jeff details his own background in exercise and fitness, and how MovNat ultimately changed his perspective for the better. Founded by Erwan Le Corre, MovNat is a physical education system designed to teach us to move naturally, through our natural range of human movements. Unlike other healthy habits such as diet, Jeff explains, we have become disassociated from healthy movements, as they are no longer required within our lifestyles. Yet it is key to maintaining our health and decreasing the risk of injury. Focusing on breathing, balance, tension, relaxation, sequence, and timing, MovNat seeks to expand their program in to school systems. Rather than having to rehabilitate adults to moving well, they desire to teach children natural movements that they maintain throughout their lives. The ability to move well, Jeff concludes, is the ability to be healthy.

To learn more go to movnat.com and youtube.com/movnat

Chasing Liberty: Ostrolenk Speaks to his Views #ORadio

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 7.14.59 PMOstrolenk continues with part II of being interviewed by Kiki Weingarten (@coachkiki), covering topics including government overreach, the 4th amendment, transpartisan coalitions, and his larger strategic plan for the Liberty Coalition. Ostrolenk begins by explaining his libertarian sensibilities, which differ from being a libertarian in title. His views on the 4th amendment are shaped by the fact that the founding fathers created our country with libertarian principles; Although they were not aware of the technological changes we would someday see, any reinterpretation of the 4th amendment to today’s realities must still be done with the same intention to protect privacy and liberty. Lastly, his libertarian sensibilities shape his overall mindset; Ostrolenk distinguishes between a liberty mindset and a security mindset, and why he identifies with the former.

Different mindsets can, however, still collaborate for progress. Ostrolenk discusses his training as a transpersonal therapist and how it has helped him with his work on transpartisan coalitions by humanizing the political process, ultimately creating the space for political dialogue. Lastly, Ostrolenk touches on several issues including education and health, and how an open political dialogue can help solve many of the issues we face.


Derrick Van Orden on the Lost Art of Manhood #ORadio

10996235_1456557704642304_1223789131623053500_nOstrolenk interviews author Derrick Van Orden on his book “Book of Man: A Navy SEAL’s Guide to the Lost Art of Manhood.” Van Orden explains how mankind, through urbanization and technology, has become dependent on a means of production other than its own. We have become a culture of multi-taskers, unable and unwilling to comprehend the world around us with any meaningful depth. As a result, men have forgotten many of the actions which define them as men, most importantly: an understanding their place in the world, and their ability to change that place if they choose to.

Liberty Coalition: Solutions Across Party Lines, #ORadio

libertysquare_400x400Ostrolenk, interviewed by Kiki Weingarten (@CoachKiki), discusses the Liberty Coalition, a transpartisan network collaborating on issues of civil liberties, autonomy, and human rights. In opposition to the National Identification System, Ostrolenk helped found the organization in 2005 by bringing together groups interested in battling for privacy protections. The Liberty Coalition has now transitioned in to a proactive organization, consisting of groups with various political identities; participating member groups combine strengths and resources to tackle issues of common interest.

Ostrolenk further discusses how their partnerships are formed, what issues they worked on, how they create a dialogue amongst various worldviews, and how they gather consensus across party lines. Moving forward the Liberty Coalition seeks to further secure civil liberties, autonomy, and human rights, as well as create a model for community collaboration that finds creative solutions and eliminates government overreach.

Anyone looking to get involved in the Liberty Coalition can contact Michael Ostrolenk at[email protected].

Learning SWAT Concepts #ORadio

MoserOstrolenk speaks with Charles Moser from SWAT Concepts, an assembly of specialists that facilitates camps and courses to train and prepare individuals for SWAT-like missions. Moser, a former Navy SEAL himself, details the numerous courses SWAT Concepts offers and the skills a participant learns. Among the many events is the “Sniper versus Sniper” course, held in October, which facilitates a real-life combat situation. SWAT Concepts offers programs for both beginners and experienced individuals.

Great Powers, Great Armies #ORadio


Ostrolenk speaks with Colonel Doug MacGregor on military structures, namely Russia’s and America’s. In addressing the critical questions of military strategy, Colonel MacGregor speaks from the standpoint of Russia on who, where, and when they should fight. Profoundly shaped by WWII, Russia’s military is a unified command that brings to bear all power under Putin’s control. The United States, in contrast, lacks any coherent military structure, intervening on ideology rather than concrete interests, and failing to consider unintended consequences. Great powers retain great armed forces, but not excessive forces, and the current US military mocks a 1940’s structure and Cold War policies. Colonel MacGregor argues it is imperative the United States military be reduced in size, reformed, restructured, and then expanded from a modern foundation.

Independence from our Empire #FeinWisdom

white-house (1)Ostrolenk speaks with Constitutional Scholar Bruce Fein, in the context of America’s Independence Day, on the meaning of liberty. Bruce notes that in many ways we as a country have made enormous strides in ensuring equality. However, the core protection of our liberty – the separation of powers – is being destroyed. Bruce concludes that while we have been able to ensure greater equality in access to power, we’ve failed to guarantee that this power safeguards our liberty.