Learning SWAT Concepts #ORadio

MoserOstrolenk speaks with Charles Moser from SWAT Concepts, an assembly of specialists that facilitates camps and courses to train and prepare individuals for SWAT-like missions. Moser, a former Navy SEAL himself, details the numerous courses SWAT Concepts offers and the skills a participant learns. Among the many events is the “Sniper versus Sniper” course, held in October, which facilitates a real-life combat situation. SWAT Concepts offers programs for both beginners and experienced individuals.

Great Powers, Great Armies #ORadio


Ostrolenk speaks with Colonel Doug MacGregor on military structures, namely Russia’s and America’s. In addressing the critical questions of military strategy, Colonel MacGregor speaks from the standpoint of Russia on who, where, and when they should fight. Profoundly shaped by WWII, Russia’s military is a unified command that brings to bear all power under Putin’s control. The United States, in contrast, lacks any coherent military structure, intervening on ideology rather than concrete interests, and failing to consider unintended consequences. Great powers retain great armed forces, but not excessive forces, and the current US military mocks a 1940’s structure and Cold War policies. Colonel MacGregor argues it is imperative the United States military be reduced in size, reformed, restructured, and then expanded from a modern foundation.

Independence from our Empire #FeinWisdom

white-house (1)Ostrolenk speaks with Constitutional Scholar Bruce Fein, in the context of America’s Independence Day, on the meaning of liberty. Bruce notes that in many ways we as a country have made enormous strides in ensuring equality. However, the core protection of our liberty – the separation of powers – is being destroyed. Bruce concludes that while we have been able to ensure greater equality in access to power, we’ve failed to guarantee that this power safeguards our liberty.

Second Amendement Limitations #FeinWisdom


Ostrolenk speaks with Constitutional Scholar Bruce Fein on the balance between gun control and the Second Amendment right to bear arms. Bruce notes that the Second Amendment, like every right in the Bill of Rights, has limitations to ensure overall protection of society. Most important, he continues, is focusing on the location, mental stability, and training of individuals, rather than the type of weapons available to citizens.

Transpersonal Psychology

auras-rainbow2Ostrolenk answers a question from @Coachkiki on transpersonal psychology, specifically detailing two classifications: non-ordinary states of consciousness, and stages of development. Through various interventions, individuals can enter non-ordinary states of consciousness and access information from times and entities not available during traditional consciousness. In stages of development, as described by Kohlberg, an individual transcends through a state of being egocentric, to ethnocentric, and finally to worldcentric. Ostrolenk provides details and examples of each classification, further noting that these are just two of many ways to conceive of transpersonal psychology.

The Future of the Quantified Self and Wearable Technology

images (1)Ostrolenk answers a question from @Coachkikia on the quantified self movement, and relevant technology currently available. Noting that although technological devices are still immature, great advancements will be seen in the coming years. Alongside these future developments, there will be gains in the measurement of physiological functions and subsequent health and wellness interventions. However, gains will need to be balanced with privacy rights, as information from this technology becomes available to numerous audiences.

#FeinWisdom: The Inevitable War with China

chinaOstrolenk speaks with Bruce Fein on US-China relations following a spokesman for the Defense Ministry in China stating that war is inevitable if the US insists on preventing China from expanding its presence in the South China Islands. Under the guise of preventing China from “destabilizing the region,” the United States is again seeking to fight another country’s war. The United States should, Bruce insists, ask itself if it is truly in our national interest to risk our men and women for Japan’s interests.

To learn more about Bruce and his work, check out his website at: www.brucefeinlaw.com, and his books: American Empire Before the Fall; Constitutional Peril: The Life and Death Struggle for Our Constitution and Democracy, or follow him on Twitter: @BruceFeinEsq

Women’s Self Defense Seminar by Otis Berry

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 12.34.59 PMOstrolenk speaks to Otis Berry, Krav Maga instructor at Martial Arts Academy, who has an upcoming Women’s Self Defense and Car Jacking Seminar. Otis’ training focuses on what actions a woman can take, without victimizing or blaming. The seminar takes place on June 7th in Springfield, VA. To learn more about Otis Berry, visit his website.

Otis Berry, Krav Maga Instructor

IMG_2702Ostrolenk speaks with Otis Berry, his personal Krav Maga instructor. Otis describes how he came to be a Krav Maga instructor, his time in the military, and how he earned both his blackbelts. In addition to participating in numerous specialized classes and training under Bas Rutten, Otis has instructed several trainings himself, for both the U.S. Park Police Swat Team and military forces at Fort Hood.

To learn more about Otis Berry and his classes visit his website.

#MentalMusings: Float Tanks

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 5.38.18 PM
Ostrolenk answers a question from @Coachkiki regarding his experience in float tanks, a process he describes for those that are not familiar. Ostrolenk classifies the process as both contemplative and meditative. During a contemplative experience, without modern-day distractions, the mind focuses internally, leading to new insights on various topics. During a meditative experience, the process is without intention and the brain seeks information from within the body; for many this may reach a hypnagogic state. Lastly, Ostrolenk describes the benefits floating provides to both the body and the mind.
For more information on floating in Washington, D.C. check out <em>Hope Floats</em>, as mentioned during this mental musing: <a href=”http://www.hopefloatsusa.com/“>www.hopefloatsusa.com</a>, or listen to <a href=”http://www.ostrolenkradio.com/2013/07/kimberly-boone-on-floatation-tanks-and-healing-the-soul/“>Kimberly Boone’s</a> interview on the Ostrolenk Show.