Zach and Jess Poitra on the Benefits of Kombo

Ostrolenk speaks with Zach and Jess Poitra who established Integrated Ancestral Healing, through which they work with individuals on personalized treatment plans and administer Kambo. Kambo is the skin secretion of the giant waxy monkey tree frog found in the lower basin of the Amazon. Kambo contains many bioactive peptides, which produce a positive impact on the human body. Zach and Jess chronicle how their past careers and personal health conditions that led them to discover Ayahuasca and eventually train to training to administer Kambo. They further detail how Kambo is applied, what the likely physical and physiological effects a person will experience when taking it, and how it can be harvested sustainably. To learn more about them and the work they do, visit

Disclaimer: This content regarding Kambo is provided for informational purposes only and is in no way medical advice. Use of Kambo is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Kambo should always be administered by a trained practitioner. Improper application or misunderstanding of contraindications for Kambo may pose unnecessary health risks.

Business Innovation with Raphael Louis Vitón

Joining Michael Ostrolenk on this podcast is Raphael Louis Vitón, business innovation professional, Integral Leadership Academy cohort facilitator, consulting practice leader for Axialent (a global culture consulting firm out of Argentina) and co-author of “Free the Idea Monkey to Focus on What Matters Most…How the Most Successful People Make Big Ideas Happen.”

Vitón chronicles what lead him to his current work as a business innovation professional, and the personal transformation he underwent in order to ultimately assist business leaders in doing the same. He generously shares innovation tools, frameworks and programs that are often reserved for the top 2% of high potential executives inside of corporations. Vitón describes the process he takes when working with business leaders, specifically guiding them to see and articulate ideal leadership strategies and map out a plan to implement them. This involves re-humanizing the innovation process and focusing on mindsets and relationships as much as procedures. To learn more about Raphael Vitón’s programs, visit his websites here and here, see his writings on LinkedIn, or check out his book.

Open Source Medicine: Biohacking, Citizen Scientists, and a Systematic Approach to Optimal Human Functioning

Ostrolenk speaks with Ryan Frisinger, a biohaker, techno-shaman, and visionary, who focus on the interaction between genetics, biotechnology, medicine culture, and humanities. Frisinger describes his personal history and interdisciplinary studies, which led him to his current profession. Through his research, Frisinger has learned the ways in which current health issues cannot be addressed through current health care systems. Many physicians lack training in genetics, which Frisinger sees as key to understanding an individual’s health predispositions and needs, and further lack training in interdisciplinary research or a culture of collaboration with patients. For these reasons, Frisinger believes the movement of citizens’ science and biohaking are vital to moving medical progress forward. Frisinger ends by describing the multidisciplinary way in which he works with clients. For more information, contact Frisinger at [email protected].

Matt Beaudreau on Post-Conventional Education

Ostrolenk, and co-host Deidre Hackleman, speak with Matt Beaudreau on post-conventional education. Beaudreau chronicles his own journey working as an educator in conventional education systems, and his observations of how standardized education leads to simplicity of throught. Conversely, in the post-conventional educational systems in which Beaudreau teaches, children learn personal goal-setting, discussion skills, and how to impact their communities, in addition to basic skills. Ultimately, children learn autonomy and self-awareness that not only prepares them for college, but for a successful life. To learn more about Beaurdreau and post-conventional education, visit and and follow him on twitter @educationdude and @mattbeaudreau.

The Integrated Self

Michael Ostrolenk — a leading expert in the field of transpartisan public policy, program director and master coach for SEALFIT’s Unbeatable Mind Academy — has a world of fascinating insights on how best to integrate Eastern and Western notions of self in order better to flourish as a human being on individual and grander scales.

LZ Grace Warriors Retreat: a place of respite for warriors and their families

Ostrolenk speaks with Lynnette Bukowski, founder and executive director of LZ Grace Warriors Retreat, and the wife of a Veteran Navy SEAL. Lynnette talks about her personal experiences, her husband’s journey to assist fellow Navy SEALs, and how this led her to start LZ Grace. LZ Grace provides a place of respite for warriors and their families, through activities, rest, and interaction with others who have shared similar experiences. To learn more about LA Grace or donate, visit their website: You can also follow them on twitter @LZ_Grace and read more about Lynnette’s work on her blog:

What is Transpartisanship?

acsMichael Ostrolenk is interviewed as a part of the American Citizens Summit, a free online event featuring respected political leaders, grassroots visionaries, business pioneers, change agents and advocates who are leading the way to actualize the full power of democracy by building bridges across divides.

A Transpartisan Dialogue on the Future of Defense

acsMichael Ostrolenk is interviewed as a part of the American Citizens Summit, a free online event featuring respected political leaders, grassroots visionaries, business pioneers, change agents and advocates who are leading the way to actualize the full power of democracy by building bridges across divides.

Recovering from Autism through Neuro-fit, #ORadio

neurofitOstrolenk speaks with Justin Goddard, Director of Neuro-fit Systems Australia. Goddard first discovered Neuro-fit at its base in Los Angeles as he and his wife were looking for programs to help their own daughter recover from autism. While many other programs and treatments sought simply to manage autism, Neuro-fit became a key component to the recovery piece by recalibrating the way the brain and body communicate with each other. Goddard discusses his daughter’s condition before treatment, and the progress she’s made since Neuro-fit improved the efficiency of her neuro-pathway development through movement. Having been witness to the profound impact the program had on their daughter, Goddard decided to bring Neuro-fit back to Australia.
To learn more about Neuro-fit, visit their website at, their Facebook page at, and learn more about their protocol at

Health and our Circadian Rhythm, #ORadio

rhythmOstrolenk speaks with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, an osteopathic physician, who focuses on the interface between memory, cognition, brain health, and obesity. Dr. Lyon discusses our circadian rhythm, and how our current nutrition and feeding practices are often at odds with it. She further elaborates on how modern triggers to eat impact our circadian rhythm, the pros and cons of restricted feeding windows, and possible gender differences in feeding, all of which ultimately impact our health and well-being.