Recovering from Autism through Neuro-fit, #ORadio

neurofitOstrolenk speaks with Justin Goddard, Director of Neuro-fit Systems Australia. Goddard first discovered Neuro-fit at its base in Los Angeles as he and his wife were looking for programs to help their own daughter recover from autism. While many other programs and treatments sought simply to manage autism, Neuro-fit became a key component to the recovery piece by recalibrating the way the brain and body communicate with each other. Goddard discusses his daughter’s condition before treatment, and the progress she’s made since Neuro-fit improved the efficiency of her neuro-pathway development through movement. Having been witness to the profound impact the program had on their daughter, Goddard decided to bring Neuro-fit back to Australia.
To learn more about Neuro-fit, visit their website at, their Facebook page at, and learn more about their protocol at

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