Business Innovation with Raphael Louis Vitón

Joining Michael Ostrolenk on this podcast is Raphael Louis Vitón, business innovation professional, Integral Leadership Academy cohort facilitator, consulting practice leader for Axialent (a global culture consulting firm out of Argentina) and co-author of “Free the Idea Monkey to Focus on What Matters Most…How the Most Successful People Make Big Ideas Happen.”

Vitón chronicles what lead him to his current work as a business innovation professional, and the personal transformation he underwent in order to ultimately assist business leaders in doing the same. He generously shares innovation tools, frameworks and programs that are often reserved for the top 2% of high potential executives inside of corporations. Vitón describes the process he takes when working with business leaders, specifically guiding them to see and articulate ideal leadership strategies and map out a plan to implement them. This involves re-humanizing the innovation process and focusing on mindsets and relationships as much as procedures. To learn more about Raphael Vitón’s programs, visit his websites here and here, see his writings on LinkedIn, or check out his book.

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