Open Source Medicine: Biohacking, Citizen Scientists, and a Systematic Approach to Optimal Human Functioning

Ostrolenk speaks with Ryan Frisinger, a biohaker, techno-shaman, and visionary, who focus on the interaction between genetics, biotechnology, medicine culture, and humanities. Frisinger describes his personal history and interdisciplinary studies, which led him to his current profession. Through his research, Frisinger has learned the ways in which current health issues cannot be addressed through current health care systems. Many physicians lack training in genetics, which Frisinger sees as key to understanding an individual’s health predispositions and needs, and further lack training in interdisciplinary research or a culture of collaboration with patients. For these reasons, Frisinger believes the movement of citizens’ science and biohaking are vital to moving medical progress forward. Frisinger ends by describing the multidisciplinary way in which he works with clients. For more information, contact Frisinger at [email protected].

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