James Scott on Critical Infrastructure Technology

Ostrolenk speaks with James Scott, a Senior Fellow and co founder of the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology and the author of more than 30 books (www.amazon.com/James-Scott/e/B01…yline_cont_book_1) on health IT, energy sector cybersecurity, nation state cyber espionage, and more. He advises to more than 25 congressional offices, caucuses, and committees on cyberwarfare and cybersecurity, as well as to NATO and federal agencies including the DoE, NSA, HHS, NASA, NIST and others. Scott chronicles what led him to this field and the areas in which the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology advises. Ostrolenk and Scott discuss various cyber attacks, the various threats different nation states and non-state actors pose, and what the American government is doing to prevent cyber attacks. They discuss the need to break down silos between government agencies and even within government agencies. They also discussed the Cyber Shield Act (icitech.org/icit-analysis-the-cyber-shield-act/). Lastly, Scott answers listeners’ questions on cyber security

To learn more about James Scott and his work, visit icitech.org, follow him @ICITorg, and look for his books on amazon.

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