Josette Luvmour, PhD on Natural Learning Relationships (NLR)

Josette Luvmour, PhD is a an educator in human development and consultant who specializes in child development, adult development, and sustainable family relationships.

She serves in the non-profit sector as Director of Family and Professional Development at Summa Institute (, a nonprofit organization that provides Natural Learning Relationships™ programs to students, families, and professionals. In addition to her26-year consulting practice at Luvmour Consulting, LLC (, she is author of five books and numerous journal articles and chapters that focus on building positive relationships with children.

In her doctoral work, Josette specialized in the developmental experiences of adults meeting children’s developmental imperatives. Josette lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband of 32 years and close to their children and grandchildren.

Together, Josette Luvmour, PhD and Ba Luvmour, MA created and developed Natural Learning Relationships (NLR) – a whole-child understanding of child development that supports optimal well-being in children. NLR is the basis and philosophical foundation of all programs at Summa Institute. They have been using NLR with children, families, educators, and therapists since 1993. Educators, consultants, and seminar leaders, Josette and Ba are advisors to public and private schools as well as authors specializing in whole-child development, education, and family dynamics.

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