Rob McNamara on Creating the Elegant Self

Rob McNamara is the author of The Elegant Self and Strength to Awaken. He specializes in helping people resolve their persistent painful limitations to become more powerful, proficient and aligned with what matters most in life.

Rob is a skilled Psychotherapist, leading Performance Coach, Psychology Professor at Naropa University and an Integral Zen Practitioner. He runs his private practice in Boulder Colorado serving clients world wide. Rob works with a broad range of executives and professionals, undergraduate and graduate students and athletes ranging from high school to Olympic and professional world champions.

On the show we discuss:

  • From Astronaut to Neuronaut
  • From conventional psychology to higher reaches of human development
  • Transpersonal and developmental psychology
  • Adult psychological development
  • Socialized Mind
  • Self-Authoring Mind
  • Self-Transforming Mind
  • Meditation as tool for self-transformation
  • States and Stages of Consciousness