Embracing Reality: an interview with Former Navy SEAL, David B Rutherford

In our and most recent installment of Michael’s show, Michael connects via the web with David B. Rutherford, a former Navy SEAL, motivational speaker, radio host, behavioral training specialist, and author.

David started Frologic eight years ago with a focus on children. As a society, we have undergone a process through which we no longer teach children to embrace their failures. Failure is a necessary part of life and as part of a learning process. As a result, children leave school ill-equipped to deal with reality outside of a controlled academic setting. This translates to a sense of entitlement and a collective social immaturity. This has a detrimental effect on their work ethic, ability to receive constructive criticism, ability to work in a team, and ability to recover after a failure.

Rutherford points to the counterculture movement of the 70s and how the counterculture movement created a shift in the manner in which we approached education that shied away from standardized output.

Rutherford maintains that almost every culture contains a warrior ethos, but encourages us to embrace though warrior poet ethos.  He calls for a balance that he represents with the triad of striving to make ourselves better physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Our inability to embrace failure renders us unable to push ourselves to our limits. Willpower must be pushed and tested. Some programs, like SEALFIT, test willpower through physical challenges.

Overall, we are not teaching kids to deal with reality as it is.  Rutherford offers to do a free event for children whenever he is hired by a firm to do a corporate event.  Fewer than 15% of the corporations take advantage of Rutherford’s offer.

Rutherford recalls a recent event where he was serving as emcee at an event in a major city for a national organization.  One of the organization’s board members reach out to his child’s school, and they began to set up the event.  However, at the last minute, the school’s superintendent quashed the event.

We bombard our children with films that portray a world in stark duality, with delineated boundaries between good and evil.  These films often portray incompetent adults and precocious children.  They skirt around major global issues, such as deforestation, species extinction, and other environmental concerns.  We allow for commercial entities to spend millions of dollars to create these encapsulated portrayals of major issues but neglect to incorporate these messages into education at large.

Turns out that a lot of factors we don’t often consider, ranging from nutrition and environment to activity, can have an impact not only on ourselves, but our children.

Rutherford wants students to begin the day with a physical fitness regimen, and advises the installment of a public service component to education.  He advocates for students  to engage in a year of service such as the Civilian Conservation Corps we engaged in during the 1930s.

Check out David at Froglogic to learn more.

David Rutherford, Navy SEAL & Behavioral Change Agent

 David B. Rutherford is a former US Navy SEAL, Medic and Instructor. As a motivational speaker, he injects audiences with powerful information through high energy, multimedia presentations. His long lasting impact resulting from extraordinary expertise in topics of Self-Confidence and Team Life masterfully balances how to motivate and inspire others to commit to living a ‘Squared Away’ life. His persistent emphasis on living a team orientated lifestyle and forging individual Self-Confidence truly inspires all attendees.

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