My Islam: A conversation with Amir Nasr on Hacking identity, culture and Self

“Described by The Economist as “puckish” and by WIRED as a “formidable speaker,” Amir Ahmad Nasr is a sought-after cultural commentator, activist, and marketing strategist who regularly sheds light on one of the most important emerging trends of our time: how the Internet-driven Millennial revolution is redefining business, culture, and politics.

He is the author of the inspirational book My [email protected]: How Fundamentalism Stole My Mind–and Doubt Freed My Soul, selected as one of Foreign Policy’s top 25 books to read in 2013. My [email protected] has been described by prominent media professor Clay Shirky as “a love letter to freedom of speech,” and by graphic novelist G. Willow Wilson as a book that “sheds light on a generation of revolutionary life-hackers poised to change the global conversation about religion and politics.””
On the show we cover:

      • Nubian Arab identity in Qatar
      • Cultural confluence in Malaysia and the infidel kids
      • Sudan’s cultural wars
      • Doubt as the voice of the devil
      • Blogging, reason and modern Islam
      • Mu’tazila & Ash’ ariyya ; competing philosophies in Islam
      • Love of reason and transrational ‘ transpersonal’ ‘mystical’ Islam
      • Awakening toward Integral Islam and family life
      • Reconciling classical liberalism and tribalism; pre-modern, modern and post-modern synthesis
      • Personal and cultural awakenings; The Arab Spring

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