The Fat Burning Man

Michael’s guest in this podcast is Fat Burning Man (and renaissance man) Abel James.  He’s an author, coach and host of the popular Fat Burning Man Show podcast. Abel, a recovering vegetarian – explains his lifelong journey leading him to the truth about the conventional wisdom concerning nutrition. Now, through his podcast and  Lean Body System he is dedicated to spreading the word to help curb our country’s growing health crisis caused largely by poor nutrition.  Also an accomplished musician, Abel is the author of The Musical Brain which explores the evolution of Music, its ubiquity in our lives, and how it intertwines with human psychology.

Sex, God, & Rock ‘n Roll: A conversation with Stuart Davis

Musician & mystic Stuart Davis joins Michael for an eclecticly engaging conversation and glimpse into his insights and observations on the “theater” that is our cosmos. Utilizing the genres of pop music and sketch-comedy, Stuart has fashioned a unique role for himself in the world of integral thought. Sex, God, & Rock ‘N Roll, brings Stuart’s art to television and explores the synergy between the seemingly disparate concepts of the sacred and profane. Learn more at