LZ Grace Warriors Retreat: a place of respite for warriors and their families

Ostrolenk speaks with Lynnette Bukowski, founder and executive director of LZ Grace Warriors Retreat, and the wife of a Veteran Navy SEAL. Lynnette talks about her personal experiences, her husband’s journey to assist fellow Navy SEALs, and how this led her to start LZ Grace. LZ Grace provides a place of respite for warriors and their families, through activities, rest, and interaction with others who have shared similar experiences. To learn more about LA Grace or donate, visit their website: http://lz-grace.com/about.html. You can also follow them on twitter @LZ_Grace and read more about Lynnette’s work on her blog: gracebeyondgrace.com.

What is Transpartisanship?

acsMichael Ostrolenk is interviewed as a part of the American Citizens Summit, a free online event featuring respected political leaders, grassroots visionaries, business pioneers, change agents and advocates who are leading the way to actualize the full power of democracy by building bridges across divides.

A Transpartisan Dialogue on the Future of Defense

acsMichael Ostrolenk is interviewed as a part of the American Citizens Summit, a free online event featuring respected political leaders, grassroots visionaries, business pioneers, change agents and advocates who are leading the way to actualize the full power of democracy by building bridges across divides.

Recovering from Autism through Neuro-fit, #ORadio

neurofitOstrolenk speaks with Justin Goddard, Director of Neuro-fit Systems Australia. Goddard first discovered Neuro-fit at its base in Los Angeles as he and his wife were looking for programs to help their own daughter recover from autism. While many other programs and treatments sought simply to manage autism, Neuro-fit became a key component to the recovery piece by recalibrating the way the brain and body communicate with each other. Goddard discusses his daughter’s condition before treatment, and the progress she’s made since Neuro-fit improved the efficiency of her neuro-pathway development through movement. Having been witness to the profound impact the program had on their daughter, Goddard decided to bring Neuro-fit back to Australia.
To learn more about Neuro-fit, visit their website at Neuro-Fit.com, their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/neurofitsystems/, and learn more about their protocol at https://neuro-fit.wistia.com/medias/qe3n4cslgr

Health and our Circadian Rhythm, #ORadio

rhythmOstrolenk speaks with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, an osteopathic physician, who focuses on the interface between memory, cognition, brain health, and obesity. Dr. Lyon discusses our circadian rhythm, and how our current nutrition and feeding practices are often at odds with it. She further elaborates on how modern triggers to eat impact our circadian rhythm, the pros and cons of restricted feeding windows, and possible gender differences in feeding, all of which ultimately impact our health and well-being.

The Taxpayers Protection Alliance on Pentagon Spending, #ORadio

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 11.41.00 AMOstrolenk speaks with Michi Iljazi, Communications and Policy Manager for the Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA). The TPA is a non-partisan, non-profit advocacy group that works on issues that impact American taxpayers. Focusing on Pentagon spending, Iljazi speaks about why so much money is wasted in defense spending and how the misallocation of resources makes America less safe. Iljazi further discusses programs that are significantly overfunded, why the Pentagon should not be considered a job-creation program, and why all Americans should care about auditing the Pentagon.
To learn more about the TPA, visit their website at www.protectingtaxpayers.org and follow them on Twitter @Protectaxpayers

The voice of America’s taxpayers and efficient government spending, #ORadio

National_Taxpayers_UnionOstrolenk speaks with Nan Swift, Federal Affairs Manager at the National Taxpayers Union (NTU). Swift speaks about the projects she works on through the NTU to achieve legislative outcomes favorable to taxpayers. Her recent work includes collaboration with Taxpayers for Common Sense on defense spending. Swift also elaborates on the Budget Control Act and the Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) fund. Lastly, she discusses how throwing more money at the Pentagon does not make us more safe and how beneficial an audit would be.

Personal growth with Seichou Karate Dojo, #ORadio

image1 copyOstrolenk speaks with Shihan Richard Romero, founder of Seichou Karate Dojo. Shihan Romero tells of his education in martial arts and Japanese language and culture. After competing in the Kyokushinkai-kan World Championship, Shihan Romero decided to continue his career in karate through teaching. He discusses the disciplines offered at Seichou Dojo, which, in addition to karate, include language, culture, and weaponry training to name a few. Shihan Romero also discusses the methodology behind his teaching, and why yoga and meditation are incorporated in to his karate practice.
To learn more about Shihan Richard Romero and Seichou Karate Dojo, visit his website at: Sdojo.com.

The Sexual Differences We Should Embrace, #ORadio

Ostrolenk speaks with Dr. Brandon, clinical psychologist and sex therapist, on an evolutionary perspective of our primal instincts. Dr. Brandon discusses how our culture encourages us to both overthink sex and try to make it politically correct. Rather, she argues, there are sexual differences between men and women that our primal instincts want to seize upon. Although developing a sexual passion based on power dynamics may seem at odds with what we believe to be healthy, Dr. Brandon describes how to capture on the primal brain inside the bedroom and the modern brain outside of it.
To learn more about Dr. Marianne Brandon, visit her website (www.drbrandon.net) or check out her three books:
2. “Reclaiming Desire: Four Keys to Finding Your Lost Libido.” https://www.amazon.com/Reclaiming-Desire-Keys-Finding-Libido/dp/1605298263

Three Reasons for Transpartisanship, #ORadio Mental Musings

tumblr_inline_nau948PxO51rgeiy3Ostrolenk talks about the three general purposes of transpartisanship: humanizing the political process, finding common ground, and creating space in the body politic for new ideas to emerge.