Moving from “Us vs. Them” to Powerful Peace

Retired Navy SEAL Robert DuBois witnessed the September 11th attack on America live on TV while deployed in an Arab country. No cheers were heard from the Arab SEALs watching in the same room with Rob and his American SEAL team.  The Arab SEALs were appalled and angered by this terrorist act of war. It isn’t simply “us versus them” realized Rob. In this podcast with Michael, Rob recounts this and other “lessons on peace from a lifetime at war,” the subtitle of his book Powerful Peace.  The two dimensional “us versus them” paradigm that’s dominated human history is antiquated and irrelevant in today’s connected world. It’s time to become accountable for the consequences of irresponsible use of force, explains Mr. DuBois.  Learn more at about Rob’s book and his work to promote smart power, cultural competency and ultimately stop the needless harm and loss resulting from misplaced and unbridled hate.

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