Powerful Peace from Battlefield to Classroom & Boardroom to Bedroom.

Back by popular demand for a fourth interview is Retired Navy Seal Robert DuBois, author of Powerful Peace, the book revolutionizing conflict prevention concepts needed now more than ever in our increasingly polarized world with escalating harmful consequences of the antiquated us vs. them paradigm.  In today’s podcast Michael and Robert explore the compelling examples of how these ideas are taking hold – not only to ease international relations but in every level of society. Powerful Peace is a game-changer in the classroom, boardroom, battlefield, and bedroom, explains Mr. Dubois.

Michael and Rob will exercise your mind in this conversation with something to pique everyone’s interest: “cause a pause,” wideminding, oxytocin, Stephen Covey, “brown belt syndrome”, political fundraising, Stalin, fisticuffs, Japanese train fights, and much more!  There’s even a cameo by Bruce Lee.

Learn more at PowerfulPeace.net about Rob’s book and his work to promote smart power, cultural competency and ultimately stop the needless harm and loss resulting from misplaced and unbridled hate.

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