O’Brien, DuBois, & Ostrolenk on Intelligence Reform

In this special edition of the Michael Ostrolenk Show, Michael co-hosts Power Peace Radio with Rob DuBois.  Their guest is intelligence expert Peter O’Brien and they discuss improving national security intelligence by learning from past mistakes as well as implementing an interdisciplinary team approach and using different types of thinking.

Peter O’Brien has more than 30 years of successful leadership, management and planning experience in leading organizations from a handful to several thousand, from a single site to orchestrating simultaneous operations at three-dozen locations on four separate continents. Mr. O’Brien’s Navy career included ten years at sea, more than a dozen years stationed overseas and multiple deployments, providing the opportunity to study, practice and execute the widest possible range of leadership and planning skills. He has participated in planning and execution of military operations from the tactical to the strategic level in the Middle East, North Africa and East Asia. He is a recognized SME in strategic planning, intelligence, the Middle East and the Far East.

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