Dee Coulter on the Original Mind: Uncovering Your Natural Brilliance

What do complex systems, epigenesis, hurricanes in Florida, babies, monks, flowers, light waves have in common?  Michael and Dee Coulter discuss them in this podcast!

Michael chats with author and neuroscience educator Dee Coulter to discuss education and her new book, Original Mind.  Coulter examines the complexities of the human mind to understand the relationship between the mind and body.  Michael and Dee Coulter discuss how the circumstances surrounding emotional states of genetic contributors (parents) surrounding conception as well as emotions and environment of a mother during pregnancy can imprint predispositions on the unborn child.  Turns out that we allow certain manners of perception to become replaced by others as we develop and in so doing, we begin to limit the manner in which we see and understand the world.  Through meditation and other practices, we can relearn how to see the world around us as patterns of light and movement to open up new understanding of the world around us and how we interact with it.

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