#FeinWisdom: A Professional Politician for President

01/01  -  SLUG: HM/OVAL OFFICE  CAPTION: The Clinton's re-decorated the oval office.  These are filers from 1993, as per Alice Kresse request. BILL O'LEARY/TWP.Ostrolenk speaks to Constitutional Scholar Bruce Fein on the characteristics that should qualify an individual to become President of the United States. Contrary to popular opinion, Bruce argues it is imperative to elect a president who is a professional politician, meaning he or she has a long career of evaluating power, leadership, and politics. Without said skills and scholarship, the leader of American will not fully comprehend the responsibilities of the office.

To learn more about Bruce and his work, check out his website at:  www.brucefeinlaw.com, and his books: American Empire Before the FallConstitutional Peril: The Life and Death Struggle for Our Constitution and Democracy, or follow him on Twitter: @BruceFeinEsq

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