Reinforcing Failure: The Acquisition of F-35s

Ostrolenk continues his conversation with Dan Grazier, Jack Shanahan Fellow with the Project on Government Oversight (POGO, on the F-35. The United States Government continues to purchase F-35s at an alarming rate, including plans to purchase 94 F-35s in fiscal year 2018, despite the fact that the design is incomplete, numerous operational issues have been identified, and the operational testing period has not yet started. The handling of the acquisition of F-35s runs in stark contrast to the A-10, which was purposely designed to be a ground attack aircraft, making it effective and well regarded. Now, with discussion not only for additional F-35 purchases, but the possibility of its replacing some A-10s, the American people should be concerned about the safety and effectiveness of their armed forces, as well as the waste of their taxpayer dollars.

To learn more about the F-35 and what the Project on Government Oversight, visit their website and read the following articles:…es-to-stumble.html…e-ground/…f-35as-434241/…-fleet-441248/

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