Entrepreneurial education and human potential, #ORadio

Ostrolenk and co-host Deirdre Hackleman speak with Michael Strong, educational entrepreneur. Strong discusses how America lacks a culture of heroism and courage and what this is doing to our education and wellbeing. His work is centered around addressing this, by providing educational alternatives that enable face-to-face conversation on morality. Strong also discusses various projects he is working on, which advocate for greater freedom of choice in education. Original Path, community for teens who want to create their own path outside school, themaven.net/originalpath Academy of Thought and Industry, www.thoughtandindustry.com KoSchool in Austin, koschool.org Radical Social Entrepreneurs, radicalsocialentreps.org Conscious Capitalism, consciouscapitalism.org Startup Cities Institute, https://startupcities.squarespace.com/ Peace through Commerce, https://peacethroughcommerce.org/

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