The Self Healing Body Project, #ORadio

Ostrolenk speaks with Jess Poitra, founder of The Self Healing Body Project, which teaches individuals to heal autoimmune conditions naturally. Poitra details her personal journey with rheumatoid arthritis and failed pharmaceutical treatments. This led her to extensively research nutrition as a foundational component in treating autoimmune conditions and through self treatment she was able to put herself in remission. Through her continued work and study of selfhealing modalities, Poitra also discovered that developing a strong sense of introception — i.e., an ability to tap into and communicate with the innate intelligence of the body — facilitates and deepens the healing process, far beyond what nutrition alone can do. This research is the basis of Poitra’s 12-week program, The Self Healing Body Project, which guides participants through learning about autoimmunity, developing introception, and making personalized adjustments to diets. To learn more about her program and sign up, visit

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