Complex systems with Joe Norman, #ORadio

Ostrolenk speaks with Joseph Norman, a recovering academic and an applied complexity scientist who focuses on complex systems engineering and design, systemic and large-scale risk, systems strategy, and systems-thinking education. He is engaged in the pursuit of liberty, localism, self-determination and self-sufficiency. Ostrolenk and Norman discuss the approach to complex systems thinking, and the ways in which this diverges from typical thought processes in mainstream culture. They also discuss natural systems versus artificial systems, and the reasons we should expect that large-scale efficiencies can lead to large-scale consequences. Norman also comments on how this might relate to a larger political discourse, and ongoing debates between centralizing versus decentralizing. Lastly, he concludes with what steps he would recommend for someone to be more cognizant of systems thinking. To learn more about systems thinking, he would recommend books by Stuart Kauffman and Nassim as well as Chris Alexander’s The Timeless Way of Building, and Robert Rosen’s Life Itself, and you can also learn more about Joe Norman and his work from his website and following him on Twitter at @normonics.

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