Easy makes us weak, with Jim Brault, #ORadio

Ostrolenk speaks with Jim Brault, a Certified Unbeatable Mind Coach and a graduate of SEALFIT’s KOKORO™ 47 – the world’s premier training crucible for forging mental toughness. He is also the author of four books: Lessons from the Masters, The Winning MindsetA Path of Mastery, and the newly released: Easy Makes Us Weak: Forging Mental Toughness, Resilience and Character.

Brault speaks to Ostrolenk about the experience behind his newest book, including his completion of SEAL FITS KOKORO 47, as well as is broader education and career history that has served as the foundation for his work as a trusted advisor and master coach. Perhaps most importantly, Brault discusses the heart awakening that led to his ability to be more present and at peace, which has in turn fostered growth in his personal life and his capacity to support clients.

To learn more, check out his profile on Unbeatable Mind, find his books on amazon. 10% of the profits from his book sales go to the Courage Foundation.

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