Increasing Access and Affordability with Medical Freedom Zones

Benjamin Barr, Counsel at the Wyoming Liberty Group, first spoke with Michael about the concept of Medical Freedom Zones back in 2010.  He returns to dig deeper into this proposed mechanism that would Americans to bypass the burdensome bureaucratic barriers blocking their access to affordable and/or innovative medical treatments.  This government over-regulation is creating a growing demand for medical tourism; 500,000  patients sought care outside of the U.S. in 2008. Mr. Barr recently coauthored a 68-page report outlining his proposal to help these patients find the care they need in the United States rather than abroad:

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Health Care Freedom Zones

The personal medical freedoms of Americans have been in many ways on the decline well before the signing of the PPACA last March and the result is often, tragically, lost lives.  Patients looking to innovative, possibly life-saving medical treatments are met by bureaucratic red tape created by government agencies like the FDA and state medical boards.  In this podcast, Benjamin Barr, J.D. of the Wyoming Liberty Group discusses with Michael Ostrolenk an innovative solution to resecure our lost rights – Health Care Freedom Zones.