Decision MAPping – Winning customers by engaging their decisions

In the 1970’s Richard Hodapp undertook a goal of defining the process by which businesses develop winning strategies.  After dissecting case studies of the barons of American finance and industry, Mr. Hodapp honed in on a superseding principle: It is not the internal business decisions that make or break entrepreneurial success but rather it is the external decisions of customers that ultimately matter the most.  Businesses not only have to create useful products, it is essential their customers to decide to purchase them.  Likewise, government leaders  not only have to create good policies, they have to get them adopted.   In this podcast with Michael Ostrolenk, Richard tells his compelling story about the development of  Decision MAPping, a tool to  analyze the customer decision making process, e.g. what decisions customers make and how they make them.  Over the past 40 years, leading companies such as GE and Procter and Gamble and top government entities including the UN, Pentagon, & European Union have successfully incorporated Mr. Hodapp’s  ideas to gain the edge on their business competitors and foreign policy rivals.  Learn more at