Update on Constitutional challenges to the ObamaCare individual mandate

There are over 20 active lawsuits, including one filed by AAPS, challenging the PPACA. In this podcast, Michael Ostrolenk speaks with Constitutional scholar and best selling author Ken Klukowski about what’s next in the Florida and Virginia Constitutional challenges against the individual mandate to purchase government approved health insurance.  They also discuss the inevitable U.S. Supreme Court review of ObamaCare and implications of the acts lack of a severability clause. In addition to authoring an amicus brief quoted in the Florida decision of Judge Roger Vinson, Mr. Klukowski wrote briefs submitted to the U.S. Supreme court in two recent 2nd Amendment cases, D.C. vs. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago.  Michael and Mr. Klukowski touch briefly on future court action to further strengthen individuals’ rights to keep and bear arms. See more of Mr. Klukowski’s writings at Townhall.com.