Medicare Going Bankrupt. Seniors deserve options not rationing.

Medicare is running out of money fast; the Federal government has made promises to that it cannot keep. The Medicare Trustees report that the program’s unfunded liabilities are $38.6 Trillion, or $328,404 for Each U.S. household. Seniors who depend on Medicare for their medical care need to be allowed a way out of this failing program, explains AAPS Executive Director Jane Orient, MD in this interview with Michael Ostrolenk about her recent Washington Times editorial, “Boomers to Congress: Let’s Make a Deal”. Dr. Orient proposes solutions that would empower these citizens to control their own medical decisions and spending instead of being forced to into the bureaucrat-rationed care of an insolvent Federal government.

Unwinding the Medicare Ponzi Scheme – A Thought Experiment

The U.S. Federal Government is currently borrowing 40% of every thing it spends and in March disbursements were eight times as much as income.  Rep. Paul Ryan has proposed a “roadmap” to reduce deficit spending and lower our national debt, but a significant portion of his plan pushes cuts of any significance many years, if not decades, into the future. His “premium-support” Medicare plan begins for retirees in 2021. In this podcast, AAPS Executive Director Jane Orient, MD and host Michael Ostrolenk explore another Medicare scenario that could begin immediately, would give Seniors more control over their care (and money), saves 2 Trillion more than Ryan, and perhaps could unwind the current Medicare Ponzi scheme that created a Medicare trust fund full of IOUs.  Read more on this topic in a recent article by Dr. Orient, “Mr. Ryan, We’ll See You, and Raise You $2 Trillion”.

Brief History of AAPS with Jane Orient, M.D.

AAPS was founded in 1943 and has been fighting for private medicine in the United States ever since. From defeating the initial attempt in the 1940s to socialize American medicine, to successfully opening up the secret Clinton Health Care Taskforce, and now as the only professional physician organization to challenge ObamaCare, AAPS has consistently stood up for free market and ethical principles in the practice of medicine. AAPS Executive Director Jane Orient, M.D. in this interview with Michael Ostrolenk, gives a historical perspective on these and other AAPS accomplishments.