Optimal living, diet, exercise & evolutionary cognitive neuroscience

Evolutionary cognitive neuroscience examines why the human brain has evolved with unique complex abilities, e.g. self-awareness & free will.  In this podcast Steven Platek, PhD, talks with Michael Ostrolenk about the evolutionary jump that created a link between the brain and the conscious mind and the role exercise and diet play in maintaining the optimal operation of our mind and body.  These advances in brain function took place at a time when humans were constantly in motion foraging for rudimentary foods, explains Dr. Platek, and our modern sedentary lifestyle and carb-heavy diets thus diminish the performance of our brain and interconnected gut and immune systems.  Michael and Dr. Platek also take a look at theories about what benefits religion and non-ordinary states of conscious, like meditation, have to our human consciousness.  Learn more about Dr. Platek and his work in the journal he co-edits Evolutionary Psychology and at his website devoted to functional fitness http://www.crossfit-gwinnett.com.