Parental Consent Act – H.R. 2769

School districts across America are labeling children as having mental disorders on the basis of subjective screening questions which frequently produce false-positive results. This testing is being done often without parents giving consent and isn’t necessarily done for the child’s interest; schools receive more funding for students diagnosed with a disorder and the child might unnecessarily be put on dangerous psychiatric drugs. In this podcast, advocates for the Parental Consent Act of 2011, John Spagnola and Arlene Tessitore, join Michael Ostrolenk to discuss this proposed law which would mandate informed parental consent for school-based screenings. Click here to read a coalition letter in support of H.R. 2769 to learn more about this issue. Please ask your Representative and Senators to support this legislation.  Rep. Ron Paul, Sen. Rand Paul, and Rep. Marsha Blackburn are already supporting this bill. To add your name and organization to the coalition letter contact Mr. Spagnola at