Eric Wolterstorff on Social Trauma

Eric Wolterstorff is an expert on societal and individual responses to traumatic events. He has founded three businesses and spent over 25 years helping leaders manage crises, including post-Katrina New Orleans, Germany, and Indonesia; and has been conducting social trauma analyses on the US, Germany, Israel, Japan, and Rwanda. He is current focusing on governance relationships between wealthy countries and developing countries responding to impending threats, current crises, or large-scale traumas.

On the show we cover:
* Trauma and Stress
*  Belief & Awareness
* Second Memory- unwinding trauma in the body/mind
* Creating new habits
* Catharsis and Somatic management
* Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous system
*  Flight, Flee & Freeze
* Creating boundaries
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Trauma dynamics in individuals, groups, and society

The trauma (both physical and emotional) individuals experiences throughout life have effects that flow not only to the individuals themselves, but also to their friends and family. For instance, a child will internalize the anxiety of his mother. And vice-versa, trauma experienced by larger groups can transfer effects to individual members of the group and those they interact with.  In this podcast with Michael Ostrolenk, psychotherapist Dr. Eric Wolterstorff explores the physical & neurological pathways the effects of trauma use to move between individuals and groups.  Learn more about Dr. Wolterstorff’s work healing individuals and families at and his work with organizational trauma at