Learning SWAT Concepts #ORadio

MoserOstrolenk speaks with Charles Moser from SWAT Concepts, an assembly of specialists that facilitates camps and courses to train and prepare individuals for SWAT-like missions. Moser, a former Navy SEAL himself, details the numerous courses SWAT Concepts offers and the skills a participant learns. Among the many events is the “Sniper versus Sniper” course, held in October, which facilitates a real-life combat situation. SWAT Concepts offers programs for both beginners and experienced individuals.

Great Powers, Great Armies #ORadio


Ostrolenk speaks with Colonel Doug MacGregor on military structures, namely Russia’s and America’s. In addressing the critical questions of military strategy, Colonel MacGregor speaks from the standpoint of Russia on who, where, and when they should fight. Profoundly shaped by WWII, Russia’s military is a unified command that brings to bear all power under Putin’s control. The United States, in contrast, lacks any coherent military structure, intervening on ideology rather than concrete interests, and failing to consider unintended consequences. Great powers retain great armed forces, but not excessive forces, and the current US military mocks a 1940’s structure and Cold War policies. Colonel MacGregor argues it is imperative the United States military be reduced in size, reformed, restructured, and then expanded from a modern foundation.

Independence from our Empire #FeinWisdom

white-house (1)Ostrolenk speaks with Constitutional Scholar Bruce Fein, in the context of America’s Independence Day, on the meaning of liberty. Bruce notes that in many ways we as a country have made enormous strides in ensuring equality. However, the core protection of our liberty – the separation of powers – is being destroyed. Bruce concludes that while we have been able to ensure greater equality in access to power, we’ve failed to guarantee that this power safeguards our liberty.

Second Amendement Limitations #FeinWisdom


Ostrolenk speaks with Constitutional Scholar Bruce Fein on the balance between gun control and the Second Amendment right to bear arms. Bruce notes that the Second Amendment, like every right in the Bill of Rights, has limitations to ensure overall protection of society. Most important, he continues, is focusing on the location, mental stability, and training of individuals, rather than the type of weapons available to citizens.

Sacred Medicines

sacred-medicine-herbsOstrolenk answers a question from @CoachKiki on conventional versus sacred medications. The current-day paradigm of using conventional medications, Ostrolenk argues, simply seeks to manage the symptoms of a chemical imbalance. A more beneficial model is a sacred medicines paradigm, which gives recognition to the fact that health and wellness are part of a larger system. Rather than an individualistic approach that works to alter personal chemistry, utilizing sacred medicines allows an individual to take a deep-dive in to the root causes of various troubles, and explore cures.

#FeinWisdom: The GOP’s Failure to Uphold the Constitution

law-2Ostrolenk speaks with Constitutional Scholar Bruce Fein about the counter-revolution that is taking place within the GOP, one specifically against the United States Constitution. This ideological shift can be seen in the comments of GOP presidential candidates, including Carson and Huckabee. Fein further explains how the failure to uphold and protect the Constitution, apparent through their words, presents a clear danger to the rule of law in the United States.

To learn more about Bruce and his work, check out his website at:  www.brucefeinlaw.com, and his books: American Empire Before the FallConstitutional Peril: The Life and Death Struggle for Our Constitution and Democracy, or follow him on Twitter: @BruceFeinEsq

#FeinWisdom: A Professional Politician for President

01/01  -  SLUG: HM/OVAL OFFICE  CAPTION: The Clinton's re-decorated the oval office.  These are filers from 1993, as per Alice Kresse request. BILL O'LEARY/TWP.Ostrolenk speaks to Constitutional Scholar Bruce Fein on the characteristics that should qualify an individual to become President of the United States. Contrary to popular opinion, Bruce argues it is imperative to elect a president who is a professional politician, meaning he or she has a long career of evaluating power, leadership, and politics. Without said skills and scholarship, the leader of American will not fully comprehend the responsibilities of the office.

To learn more about Bruce and his work, check out his website at:  www.brucefeinlaw.com, and his books: American Empire Before the FallConstitutional Peril: The Life and Death Struggle for Our Constitution and Democracy, or follow him on Twitter: @BruceFeinEsq

Thoughts on the Current State of our Education System

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 6.08.46 PMOstrolenk shares his thoughts on the structure of the United State’s education system. Through his own experience in formulating interdisciplinary education programs, Ostrolenk describes how he has explored the origins of the U.S.’s system, the current critiques, and what alternatives are available. Focusing on various alternatives, Ostrolenk shares how education can be structured to advocate for a child’s learning, and ultimately foster more actively-participating citizens in our democracy.

#FeinWisdom: What Qualifies as Cyber Warfare?

cyber_securityOstrolenk speaks with Constitutional Scholar Bruce Fein on the debate over what qualifies as cyber warfare, versus what qualifies as a cyber criminal attack. Bruce suggests a definition of his own, and further advocates that congress, rather than the president, should have the authority to create the criteria of, and response to, both categories.

Further information on Bruce Fein, and his publications, can be found at: www.brucefeinlaw.com

American Empire Before the Fall (http://www.amazon.com/American-Empire-Before-Fall-Bruce/dp/1452829535)

Constitutional Peril: The Life and Death Struggle for Our Constitution and Democracy (http://www.amazon.com/Constitutional-Peril-Struggle-Constitution-Democracy/dp/0230617611/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1424925282&sr=1-1&keywords=bruce+fein+constitutional)

#FeinWisdom: Creating Greater Insecurity

predator-firing-missile4Ostrolenk speaks with Constitutional Scholar Bruce Fein on why predator drone strikes must be eliminated to increase America’s safety. Predator drone strikes, Fein argues, are often carried out on faulty intelligence, leading to more civilian deaths, and becoming a symbol of American’s indifference to the killing of Muslims. This, in turn, fosters resentment and ultimately breeds more anti-American terrorists. In continuing predator drone strikes, America is hurting itself more than its enemies.