Should Corporations Have the Same Rights as People?

Corporations are artificial creations of the state and receive special protections from the state. Thus, claims attorney and author Jeff Clements, corporations should not have the same Constitutional rights as individuals even though some argue that they are simply organized associations of individuals.  In this interview with Michael Ostrolenk, Mr. Clements outlines his belief that many of the abuses of crony capitalism are allowed by corporations exploiting these illegitimate “rights.” He also exposes how tobacco industry attorney turned Supreme Court Justice, Lewis Powell, helped to spearhead the creation of a constitutional right to corporate “speech” which was recently strengthened by the Citizens United decision.  Read more about this issue (and buy his new book Corporations Are Not People) at Mr. Clement’s website

ObamaCare, Corporate Welfare, & Revolving Door Lobbying

President Obama fashions himself a scourge on special interests, yet the corporate and union lobby influence is ubiquitous in his “hallmark” legislation, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  In this podcast with Michael Ostrolenk, Timothy P. Carney, formerly of Human Events [amazon-product align=”right” small=”1″]0471789070[/amazon-product] [amazon-product align=”right” small=”1″]1596986123[/amazon-product] and protege to the legendary journalist Bob Novak, and now Senior Political Columnist for the Washington Examiner, exposes the features written into ObamaCare to benefit the well-connected special interests at the expense of American citizens as a whole. Drug company and big insurance lobbyists “at the table” extracted corporate welfare trophies like limits on HSA drug purchases to prescription, rather than over-the-counter, drugs, expanded Medicare prescription drug subsidies, and not to mention the individual mandate to buy health insurance.   And now that the bill has become law, the Congressional staffers that wrote the bill have fled their government jobs for the  “Great Health Care Cash-out”  to lobby for corporate-friendly implementation regulations of the provisions of the PPACA.  Listen to learn more about the shocking truths about how big government and special interests are colluding to control the agenda in DC for the benefit of both parties and the detriment of our liberties.