Sacred Medicines

sacred-medicine-herbsOstrolenk answers a question from @CoachKiki on conventional versus sacred medications. The current-day paradigm of using conventional medications, Ostrolenk argues, simply seeks to manage the symptoms of a chemical imbalance. A more beneficial model is a sacred medicines paradigm, which gives recognition to the fact that health and wellness are part of a larger system. Rather than an individualistic approach that works to alter personal chemistry, utilizing sacred medicines allows an individual to take a deep-dive in to the root causes of various troubles, and explore cures.

MDMA & PTSD. Empowering individuals to heal themselves.

Rick Doblin, PhD founded the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies in 1986 and joins Michael for a conversation about the history and effectiveness of psychedelic drugs in psychotherapeutic treatment. Essentially banned by federal law and regulation for decades, research in this promising field is resuming, with notable success in treating PTSD in soldiers using MDMA-assisted psycho-therapy. Learn more about this modality offering hope to those with this chronic illness, at

Cannabinoid-Based Medicine and Human Health

Cannabinoids are naturally occurring chemicals in the human body and serve as a critical regulator in its neuro-transmitter system. Cannabinoid-based botanicals, like cannabis, are 37 million years old, co-evolved with humans, and have been used by humans as medicine for thousands of years, yet in 1937 were criminalized by an act of the U.S. Congress.  In this podcast with Michael Ostrolenk, Sunil Aggarwal, M.D., Ph.D. summarizes the medicinal uses of cannabis and its biochemical mechanisms beneficial in treating aliments in  numerous bodily systems.  Learn more about Dr. Aggarwal and this topic at his website

Action Steps to Restore Health Freedom

Government and and corporate interests are working overtime to assert global control over our health choices including natural solutions like vitamin supplements-even what kinds of food we eat. In this podcast Michael Ostrolenk speaks with one of the advocates opposing these increased intrusions into our lives.  Ralph Fucetola, JD, also know as “The Vitamin Lawyer” for his work assisting alternative practices navigate FDA and FTC regulations, is vice president of the Natural Solutions Foundation, the “Global Voice of Health & Food Freedom.”  Mr. Fucetola gives action steps we can take today to educate the decision makers in DC about these losses of freedom.  Michael and Ralph also discuss recent health care liberty developments regarding, Codex, IV vitamins, ear candling, and the swine flu vaccine.