Overcriminalization – One Nation Under Arrest

“Show me the man and I’ll find his crime” was a tenet of Stalin’s Soviet Union, but with over 55 new Federal crimes created every year, how close are we getting to it being true here in the United States? In this podcast, Brian Walsh, author of One Nation Under Arrest and chair of the Heritage Foundation’s Overcriminalization Workgroup, joins Michael Ostrolenk to discuss this question.  Listen and learn what Heritage is doing to educate our legislators that the consequence of passing broad and overly vague laws is, as Ayn Rand warned in Atlas Shurgged, “it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking them.”

Pain patients and doctors face severe mandatory minimum prison terms

Florida has seen a growing problem of patients dying from prescription pain drug misuse.  The legislature’s solution of harsh mandatory minimum sentences – sometimes up to 20 years – for “drug offences” may be making matters worse.  Patients in need of pain medication and the doctors trying to help them are now often trapped in this criminalization of medicine.   As a consequence doctors are increasingly fearful to help these patients who then turn to illegal and unsupervised means to aleve their pain. Greg Newburn, Florida Director of Families Against Mandatory Minimums, discusses with Michael Ostrolenk what his organization is doing to help restore sanity and give judges back their discretion in these cases.

Medicare regulations punish honest doctors

A GAO study found that Medicare bureaucrats give incorrect answers to physicians’ questions regarding Medicare regulations 96% of the time! If these Medicare “experts” do not understand the rules how can honest physicians be expected to successfully navigate the Medicare regulation labyrinth?  Michael Ostrolenk speaks with Lawrence Huntoon, M.D., Ph.D. about how this “Incompetence-Based Bureaucracy” is driving good doctors out of practice and preventing patients from receiving the care they need.

War on Pain Doctors and Patients

Doctors who treat chronic pain are increasingly targeted, prosecuted, and sent to prison by the Drug Enforcement Agency and Dept. of Justice. This war on doctors has led to widespread undertreatment of patients who require schedule 2 pharmaceuticals to relieve their pain. Siobhan Reynolds of the Pain Relief Network, www.painreliefnetwork.org, is fighting back to help the patients and physicians who are under siege.

In this interview Ms. Reynolds speaks with Michael Ostrolenk of AAPS and Dane vonBreichenruchardt of the U.S. Bill of Rights Foundation, www.usbr.org. She gives an overview of the issues involved and recounts how she has been fined and even faced prison simply by being an effective advocate for those who few others will stand up for.