My Thoughts on Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) for the Unbeatable Mind Academy (UMA)

ADDOstrolenk shares thoughts on the many elements that a person diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder may want to alter before taking medication, including: dietary choices, sleep habits, and stress levels. Further he shares his personal experience in being diagnosed with ADD and what treatments worked, many of which we teach at the Unbeatable Mind Academy.

Note from Ostrolenk: I am not a licensed doctor and the following is for informational purposes only.

Kimberly Boone on Floatation Tanks and Healing the Soul

 Kimberly Keller Boone found her life in ruins from years of alcholol and drug abuse. Her family and community were devastated as well as her health and well-being. This set her on a spiritual path which included discovering the sensory deprivation tank (float tank) and its benefits on healing mind, body and spirit. Seeing the benefits on her own life, she decided she wanted to be of service to others and opened up a floatation tank company in the DC Metro Area. Her story is one of healing and service.

On the show we cover:

  • Addiction and self-healing
  • Joe Rogan and floating
  • muscle relaxation and healing
  • stress reduction and peace of mind
  • Fibromyalgia and ADDHD
  • Combat Stress and PTSD
  • What is a sensory deprivation tank?
  • Healing body, mind and spirit
  • Meditation and deep contemplation



Seven Theories of Floating

Evolutionary Psychiatry – Emily Deans, MD

Our bodies and brains do best in conditions for which they are evolved, says psychiatrist Emily Deans, MD–and humankind’s quick shift  from hunter/gatherer to our industrial/digital lifestyle  is contributing to modern epidemics including obesity, diabetes, cancer, & depression.  In this podcast, Dr. Deans and Michael Ostrolenk discuss the psychiatric manifestations of our changed behavior and nutrition.  Learn more at Dr. Dean’s blog at Psychology Today.