The Regulatory Capture of Fitness and Nutrition and its Impact on CrossFit

Ostrolenk speaks with Russ Greene, Director of Government Relations and Research for CrossFit, on potential regulations that threaten CrossFit operations and more broadly on how these legislative actions represent the regulatory capture prevalent in our country. Since its founding in 2003, CrossFit has grown to encompass 14,000 gyms and affiliated business, all of which are broadly permitted to set their own rules of operation. Legislation has since been proposed that requires personal trainers to have licenses to operate that excludes CrossFit credentials as a qualifying license. This would require CrossFit trainers to obtain licensing from the competitors who are lobbying for this legislation. Greene further explains the role of the food and beverage industry behind the advocacy for this legislation, and how it has resulted in regulatory capture of the organizations – including the CDC – who are tasked with protecting the American consumer. To learn more about Russ Greene’s work, follow his blog at:

GORUCK Tough for the Third Option Foundation

Ostrolenk speaks with Mattie Duppler Springer, a former Hill Staffer, Public Policy Consultant, and Yoga Instructor. On October 6, Springer will be competing in GORUCK Tough (, in which contestants carry rucksacks for 10 to 12 miles through various terrain. Springer, who will be competing for the first time, explains how she came to sign up for GORUCK Tough, and what she is looking forward to gaining from the experience. In additional the the physical and mental benefits, Springer and her team are fundraising for Third Option Foundation, the only organization focused solely on the needs of the operators from the CIA’s special operations community. To learn more about Third Option Foundation, visit, and to follow the race, follow them on twitter @GORUCK.

Reinforcing Failure: The Acquisition of F-35s

Ostrolenk continues his conversation with Dan Grazier, Jack Shanahan Fellow with the Project on Government Oversight (POGO, on the F-35. The United States Government continues to purchase F-35s at an alarming rate, including plans to purchase 94 F-35s in fiscal year 2018, despite the fact that the design is incomplete, numerous operational issues have been identified, and the operational testing period has not yet started. The handling of the acquisition of F-35s runs in stark contrast to the A-10, which was purposely designed to be a ground attack aircraft, making it effective and well regarded. Now, with discussion not only for additional F-35 purchases, but the possibility of its replacing some A-10s, the American people should be concerned about the safety and effectiveness of their armed forces, as well as the waste of their taxpayer dollars.

To learn more about the F-35 and what the Project on Government Oversight, visit their website and read the following articles:…es-to-stumble.html…e-ground/…f-35as-434241/…-fleet-441248/

Max Borders on Social Evolution, #ORadio

Ostrolenk speaks with Max Borders, the founder and executive director of Social Evolution and co-founder of Voice and Exit. Borders details his pathway to becoming a futurist and entrepreneur, including which spiritual, political, and academic pathways have most influenced his work. He further details the ideology of social evolution and its organization by those who engage in second tier levels, and how to reach those who are not ready for the creative destruction that is inevitable with social evolution. To learn more about Max Borders, visit the Social Evolution and Voice and Exit websites, follow him on Twitter, and read his article Reframing the Libertarian Movement.

Keith Norris on accountability for an improved healthcare system, #ORadio

Ostrolenk speaks with Keith Norris of Paleo f(x) on the state of healthcare reform and efforts to shift the conversation from a debate on the allocation of resources to one of accountability for improved health results. Norris addresses difficult questions on how licensing systems incentivizes writing scripts, government oversight stifles innovation, and the lack of results-oriented practices all prevent true health care progress. Though he stresses the importance of working with government in the short-term to ensure people are receiving the right messages, Norris also insists that consumers must take control of their own health and make educated decisions based on research. To learn more about Paleo f(x), visit their website and follow them on Twitter.

Click here to watch The Century of Self.

Modern Era Warriors with Dennis Stoika

Ostrolenk speaks with Dennis Stoika, creator and Chief Instructor of Modern Era Warriors, an integrated, reality-based defense and fitness program. Stoika discusses his career history in the FBI, law enforcement, and the Marine Corps, and the training he received throughout his career that led him to create Modern Era Warriors. Using an integrated approach, his program includes mental training, physical readiness, nutrition, martial arts, and gun and knife use. Stoika teaches in Jefferson County, West Virginia, and has future plans to offer workshops in other areas. To learn more about him and Modern Era Warriors, visit his website:

Greg Amundson: Limitations of our lives are limitations of our thinking

Ostrolenk speaks with Greg Amundson, athlete, author, speaker, and founder of Satvana Yoga, Krav Maga Santa Cruz, CrossFit Amundson and Faith Works Ministry. Amundson chronicles what led him down the path he has followed, starting with inspiration from his father, a career in law enforcement, and the teachings of God. Ultimately, it was moments in his life that taught him to focus inward that inspired him to write. Amudson discusses his books, their teachings, and the inspirations behind each. From his most recent book, Firebreather Fitness, he explains the importance of practicing a concept called First Words. To learn more about Greg Amundson and his integrated teachings on mind, body, and spirit, visit his website: and

Citizenship and Self-governance in the 21st Century

Ostrolenk joins Kevin Rollins, Editor in Chief of Free Liberal, to talk about the importance of sympathy and trust in creating transpartisan dialogue and to potentially move politics to a higher level. The interview can also be viewed at Free Liberal.

James Scott on Critical Infrastructure Technology

Ostrolenk speaks with James Scott, a Senior Fellow and co founder of the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology and the author of more than 30 books (…yline_cont_book_1) on health IT, energy sector cybersecurity, nation state cyber espionage, and more. He advises to more than 25 congressional offices, caucuses, and committees on cyberwarfare and cybersecurity, as well as to NATO and federal agencies including the DoE, NSA, HHS, NASA, NIST and others. Scott chronicles what led him to this field and the areas in which the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology advises. Ostrolenk and Scott discuss various cyber attacks, the various threats different nation states and non-state actors pose, and what the American government is doing to prevent cyber attacks. They discuss the need to break down silos between government agencies and even within government agencies. They also discussed the Cyber Shield Act ( Lastly, Scott answers listeners’ questions on cyber security

To learn more about James Scott and his work, visit, follow him @ICITorg, and look for his books on amazon.

Zach and Jess Poitra on the Benefits of Kombo

Ostrolenk speaks with Zach and Jess Poitra who established Integrated Ancestral Healing, through which they work with individuals on personalized treatment plans and administer Kambo. Kambo is the skin secretion of the giant waxy monkey tree frog found in the lower basin of the Amazon. Kambo contains many bioactive peptides, which produce a positive impact on the human body. Zach and Jess chronicle how their past careers and personal health conditions that led them to discover Ayahuasca and eventually train to training to administer Kambo. They further detail how Kambo is applied, what the likely physical and physiological effects a person will experience when taking it, and how it can be harvested sustainably. To learn more about them and the work they do, visit

Disclaimer: This content regarding Kambo is provided for informational purposes only and is in no way medical advice. Use of Kambo is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Kambo should always be administered by a trained practitioner. Improper application or misunderstanding of contraindications for Kambo may pose unnecessary health risks.