#FeinWisdom: The Economic Implications of a Country too Big to Fail

EmpireOstrolenk talks with Constitutional Scholar Bruce Fein on why the American Empire can be categorized as one “too-big-to-fail.” By permitting businesses to grow so large that the economy relies heavily upon them, the government becomes quick to bail out even the most mismanaged business to prevent economic collapse. Such a system has led to income inequality based not on differences in innovation, hard work, and creativity, but rather on the fact that the game is rigged. This results in a sluggish economy that can only be fixed by getting the federal government out of the affairs of businesses.

Further information on Bruce Fein, and his publications, can be found at: www.brucefeinlaw.com

American Empire Before the Fall

Constitutional Peril: The Life and Death Struggle for Our Constitution and Democracy

Restoring a True Free Market in American Medicine

Since World War II the U.S. Federal Government has been increasingly undermining market forces in the American medical system. In this podcast, Richard Amerling, M.D. reviews the harmful consequences of these failed top-down policies and what can be done to restore a true free market. The invisible hand of the free market would lower prices, increase quality, strengthen the patient-physician relationship, and encourage patients to make wiser health choices, leading to healthier patients, explains Dr. Amerling. Click here to read Dr. Amerling’s latest article, “The Clouded Utopian Vision for Healthcare Ignores Reality.”

Medibid: A tool to restore the patient-physician relationship

Both patients and doctors are often unhappy with our current medical system and it is in vogue to blame capitalism for this “market failure.” Yet often unsaid, is that for more than 50 years, the dead hand of government has gradually replaced the invisible hand of free markets in U.S. health care. Today government and insurance company bureaucrats (empowered by DC backroom deals) are firmly wedged between patients and doctors.

In this podcast Michael Ostrolenk speaks with Ralph Weber, a Canadian medical refugee and the founder of Medibid.com—a website striving to remove these third parties from the patient-doctor relationship by directly matching patients up with the physicians and facilities they need to take care of their medical needs.  Mr. Weber explains how Medibid works by keeping doctors and patient as the decision makers, not strangers sitting in cubicles, and how when the free market is truly allowed to function, prices go down and quality goes up.

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