Julie Borowski, Policy Analyst from Freedom Works talks about DoD spending reform

 Julie Borowski , Policy Analyst from Freedom Works talks about DoD spending reform.

On the show we discuss:

  • Tea Party, Libertarian and Conservative efforts to reign in Pentagon bloat
  • Republicans and DoD spending
  • Cold War mentality vs. Forward Thinking
  • Non-interventionism and not policing the world
  • Veronique De Rugy on Defense spending and the Free Market 
  • Audit of the Department of Defense

Derek Leebaert on U.S. Foreign Policy

 Derek Leebaert, who has taught foreign policy at Georgetown University for fifteen years, is a partner in the Swiss management consulting firm, MAP AG. His previous books include The Fifty-Year Wound: How America’s Cold War Victory Shapes Our World (2002) and To Dare and to Conquer: Special Operations and the Destiny of Nations from Achilles to Al Qaeda (2006). He is also a coauthor of the MIT Press trilogy on the information technology revolution, and a founding editor of International Security and The International Economy, as well as editorial board member of European Security. He served in the US Marine Corps Reserve and is a director of the U.S. Army Historical Foundation, Providence Hospital in Washington, D.C., and of other public service institutions.

In the interview we discuss;

– Command and Control Management philosophy applied to foreign policy
–  Can the U.S.  fix the world; creating it in our image?
– Vietnam and Afghanistan- a critique
– Use of Special Operations Forces
– Neoconservatism
– Iran, the U.S. and Israel
– State propaganda and an informed citizenry
-Asia Pivot
-A more traditional foreign policy as the U.S. way forward
– A new paradigm of engaging the world: Post industrial / Post Command and Control ?

Col. Douglas Macgregor on Pentagon Reform

 Col. Douglas Macgregor, USA (Ret.) is a decorated combat veteran with a Ph.D. in  international relations from UVA.  He is the author of Breaking the Phalanx  Warrior’s Rage: The Great Tank Battle of 73 Easting and Tranformation Under Fire and is a frequent guest on television and radio news shows.
On the show we cover-
  • Cold War as extension of World War Two
  • Liberal interventionism
  • Global War on Terror as mistaken conception
  • Al Queda;  Afghanistan, Pakistan , North Africa, Iraq, Philippines
  • Threats v. Opportunities  (black and white thinking v. multiperspectival thinking)
  • Arab/ Muslim Awakening
  • Iran as boogeyman, Hezbollah in Lebanon
  • U.S. alliances