MDMA & PTSD. Empowering individuals to heal themselves.

Rick Doblin, PhD founded the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies in 1986 and joins Michael for a conversation about the history and effectiveness of psychedelic drugs in psychotherapeutic treatment. Essentially banned by federal law and regulation for decades, research in this promising field is resuming, with notable success in treating PTSD in soldiers using MDMA-assisted psycho-therapy. Learn more about this modality offering hope to those with this chronic illness, at

War on Pain Doctors and Patients

Doctors who treat chronic pain are increasingly targeted, prosecuted, and sent to prison by the Drug Enforcement Agency and Dept. of Justice. This war on doctors has led to widespread undertreatment of patients who require schedule 2 pharmaceuticals to relieve their pain. Siobhan Reynolds of the Pain Relief Network,, is fighting back to help the patients and physicians who are under siege.

In this interview Ms. Reynolds speaks with Michael Ostrolenk of AAPS and Dane vonBreichenruchardt of the U.S. Bill of Rights Foundation, She gives an overview of the issues involved and recounts how she has been fined and even faced prison simply by being an effective advocate for those who few others will stand up for.