Tripp Lanier on the New Man

Tripp Lanier is a men’s coach and host of The New Man Podcast: Beyond the Macho Jerk and the New Age Wimp.

As a host, he has interviewed experts from all walks of life including Tim Ferriss, Laird Hamilton, Ken Wilber, Dan Millman, Marcus Buckingham, Bill Harris, Steve Pavlina, Chip Conley, Shawn Phillips, Dr. Robert Glover, and Vernon Reid.

As a coach, Tripp has helped men and women all over the world break out of mediocre lives, do what they love, and navigate the challenging world of relationships. The New Man Life online course  and The New Manual: The Best Tools & Tips To Live A KickAss Life brings his teachings to an even broader audience.

On the show we discuss:

  • What’s wrong with the old man and what do we need a new man?
  • Men need both ‘balls’ and ‘heart’
  • Tripp’s trip of spiritual development
  • Calling men on their bullshit
  • Helping men create their own lives
  • Embodying new ways of being and thinking
  • Diet, exercise and stress management
  • Challenging one’s limiting beliefs and living LARGE

The Fat Burning Man

Michael’s guest in this podcast is Fat Burning Man (and renaissance man) Abel James.  He’s an author, coach and host of the popular Fat Burning Man Show podcast. Abel, a recovering vegetarian – explains his lifelong journey leading him to the truth about the conventional wisdom concerning nutrition. Now, through his podcast and  Lean Body System he is dedicated to spreading the word to help curb our country’s growing health crisis caused largely by poor nutrition.  Also an accomplished musician, Abel is the author of The Musical Brain which explores the evolution of Music, its ubiquity in our lives, and how it intertwines with human psychology.

Ancestral Health – an evolutionary perspective on modern health challenges

What can we learn from our ancestors about how to optimize and improve human health? Are some of our modern chronic diseases created by the mismatch between the conditions in which humans evolved and our present agriculture and technology rich world? In this podcast, Michael Ostrolenk explores these questions (and more!) with the co-founders of the Ancestral Health Society (AHS), Aaron Blaisdell, Ph.D. & Brent Pottenger, MHA. Learn more about this growing grassroots movement investigating the science-based solutions found in our human history – and watch video presentations from the recent AHS symposium – at .

Flexaware – awareness heals

Our modern world socializes us to forget the grace and efficiency of motion (not to mention stamina) we had as young children. Over time, this loss of ease of movement can lead to a host of physiological and mental ailments. Created by Steve Shafarman to help adults increase their awareness of and relearn these lost skills, Flexaware is a revolution in exercise, fitness, and healing inspired by the self-rehabilitation techniques of Israeli physicist Moshe Feldenkrais combined with insights gleaned from observing the way young children move and learn. Michael Ostrolenk interviews Mr. Shafarman in this podcast and they discuss the principles of Flexaware and its healing effect on physical problems like arthritis, chronic pain, and even asthma.