“Free Trade” Agreement Set to Benefit North Korean Military

Lori Wallach of TradeWatch.org returns to update Michael Ostrolenk on more disturbing implications of the proposed U.S. Korea Trade Agreement. In their last interview, Ms. Wallach revealed how the agreement would preempt existing U.S. law.  This installment focuses on how current U.S. trade barriers with North Korea would be bypassed giving the Kim dictatorship access to billions of additional dollars to fund their nuclear ambitions.  In addition, the treaty would further promote the near slave-labor exploitation of North Koreans in the joint North/South maquiladora-like Kaesong zone factories in the demilitarized zone.  Learn more at http://stopuskoreanafta.org/.

Codex Alimentarius – Global Food Imperialism

Does food  safety come from a top-down driven, controlled-market economy where an elitist select few decide what is “best” for all of us?  The United Nations believes the answer to that question is “yes” and is formulating “guidelines” and standards to “protect” us from not only food but vitamins and other dietary supplements.   Scott Tips, JD, President and General Counsel of the National Health Federation, speaks with Michael Ostrolenk about the history and nature of these threats to our medical freedom posed by the Codex Alimentarius (food code) and what the NHF is doing to keep our liberties intact.  In addition to his work at the NHF (the oldest existing consumer health freedom organization founded in 1955), Mr. Tips is the author of the book Codex Alimentarius – Global Food Imperialism.