Stuart Sovatsky Ph.D. on a Post-Genital Puberty

Stuart Sovatsky Ph.D.  is currently copresident of the Association for Transpersonal Psychology and was lead-producer of the forty-country, World Congress on Psychology and Spirituality in India, 2008, where the Office of the Dalai Lama assigned the Prime Minister of Tibet (L. Samdong) to keynote.

He has performed Sanskrit chanting in hundreds of conferences, ceremonies and retreats, worldwide, and have led Holocaust Healing (Freiburg) and Post-apartheid Healing (Johannesburg) chanting events and was secretly flown to Slovenia, post-911, to chant over the dying chair of Unaligned Nations of the World, Janez Drnovsek and has led seven kundalini and tantra retreats in Moscow.
On the show we cover:
Stuart’s journey;  
*Yoga, Meditation and Chanting as means of Waking up, Opening the  Heart and Generating Bliss
* Yogic Inner Marriage ‘ Puberty of the Seed’
*  Bringing Yoga to youth prisons ( 1970’s) 
* Teaching  meditation to local government officials and kids in public school ( late 1970’s) 
Post Genital Puberty;
* Teenage puberty and fertility
* Mystical Marriage: masculine/feminine energy currents moving up the spine
* Inner and outer marriages 
* Not just sex but erotic arts
*  Birth Control, Abortion and procreation
*  Further reachers of human development and creating a more loving, connected and fun marriage, family life and extended community
* Myth and the spiritual body 

Optimal living, diet, exercise & evolutionary cognitive neuroscience

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Consciousness and its extraordinary healing capacities

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