Should you worry about Real ID?

“I have nothing to hide so I’m not concerned about federal and international efforts to catalog my personal information.” Many shrug off Real ID laws using such rational, but in this podcast, Mark Lerner of, debunks this reasoning and explains why law abiding citizens must work to stop these attacks on personal liberty and privacy. Lerner, an expert in constitutional law, also gives an update on the current status of laws mandating biometric data collection, sharing, and mining.

2nd International Summit on the Future of Health Privacy

Deborah Peel, MD, founder of Patient Privacy Rights, is back with Michael in today’s podcast to preview the 2nd International Summit on the Future of Health Privacy. This conference on the urgent privacy issues raised by emerging health technologies will be held June 6 & 7 at the Georgetown Law Center in Washington, DC. For free registration and to learn about how to watch the conference proceedings live online go to

Survey of American Medical Privacy Concerns

Are American’s concerned that the widespread push for implementation of electronic medical records will affect the privacy of their medical history? Insurance companies and the government often tout claims that patients welcome the convenience of EHRs but brush aside questions about privacy.

 In this interview with Michael Ostrolenk, Deborah Peel, MD of discusses a recent Zogby poll that queried 2,000 patients about their attitudes about how their personal information is handled. The results suggest that insurance companies, bureaucrats, and legislators need to reexamine their assumptions and take a more serious approach to protecting patient privacy.

As well as discussing the survey, Dr. Peel also debunks other common EHR myths including “deidentified” medical data mining and the “cost savings” of EHR implementation.