Should you worry about Real ID?

“I have nothing to hide so I’m not concerned about federal and international efforts to catalog my personal information.” Many shrug off Real ID laws using such rational, but in this podcast, Mark Lerner of, debunks this reasoning and explains why law abiding citizens must work to stop these attacks on personal liberty and privacy. Lerner, an expert in constitutional law, also gives an update on the current status of laws mandating biometric data collection, sharing, and mining.

Is a free society reconcilable with a surveillance society?

This question is one that many across party lines are thinking about and one that Mark Lerner of the Constitutional Alliance and author of Your Body is Your ID discusses with Michael Ostrolenk in this edition of the Take Back Medicine podcast. Are concerns about the implementation of REAL ID fictional Orwellian fears or legitimate current threats to our liberties? Are there consequences in REAL ID for physicians and patients? What are free market alternatives for protecting our country from true foreign or domestic terrorist dangers? Listen to the podcast and learn about Mr. Lerner’s efforts to find soultions to protect our valued rights.