Repealing the indefinite detention provisions of NDAA

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) passed last year contain provisions that allow indefinite detention of United States citizens by the military – without a trial.  These provisions violate due process rights protected by the Bill of Rights: the right to a speedy and fair trial and the presumption of innocence. Shahid Buttar Executive Director of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee speaks with Michael about transpartisan efforts to stop these unconstitutional trespasses on our liberty.  Congressman Ron Paul has introduced HR 3785 to repeal Section 1021 of the NDAA. Learn more at

Parental Consent Act – H.R. 2769

School districts across America are labeling children as having mental disorders on the basis of subjective screening questions which frequently produce false-positive results. This testing is being done often without parents giving consent and isn’t necessarily done for the child’s interest; schools receive more funding for students diagnosed with a disorder and the child might unnecessarily be put on dangerous psychiatric drugs. In this podcast, advocates for the Parental Consent Act of 2011, John Spagnola and Arlene Tessitore, join Michael Ostrolenk to discuss this proposed law which would mandate informed parental consent for school-based screenings. Click here to read a coalition letter in support of H.R. 2769 to learn more about this issue. Please ask your Representative and Senators to support this legislation.  Rep. Ron Paul, Sen. Rand Paul, and Rep. Marsha Blackburn are already supporting this bill. To add your name and organization to the coalition letter contact Mr. Spagnola at

End the Mandate: legislative efforts to end ObamaCare

Forcing every American to obtain a congressionally-approved health insurance plan is not just unconstitutional; it is a violation of the basic freedom to make our own decisions regarding how best to meet the health care need of ourselves and our families.   At both the state and federal levels, energetic citizens are working on innovative legislative solutions to repeal and invalidate the PPACA and restore our individual liberty.  In this podcast, Matt Hawes, VP of Programs at the Campaign for Liberty, updates Michael Ostrolenk about on going efforts including the End the Mandate Act, state nullification, and push back against the patient privacy intrusions. Listen to learn about what’s happening and how you can help.  In addition, click here to read the 2-sentence End the Mandate Act  and ask your Congressman to support it.  The bill, introduced as H.R. 4995 last year, will be reintroduced this year.

Virtues of a Small Constitutionally Limited Federal Government

Jim Babka, President of speaks with Michael Ostrolenk about the mission of his organization to educate the public and politicians on the virtues of a small and constitutionally limited federal government. DownSizeDC is working towards the passage of several bills in Congress to help accomplish this goal. The “Read The Bills Act” would make Congress read their bills before voting on them. The “One Subject at a Time Act” would stop Congress from combining unrelated bills.