Part 2: Dee Coulter on the Original Mind

 Michael and Dee Coulter, author of Original Mind, follow up with their previous gab session.  Coulter explains the importance of sleep and water consumption, and other things we can do from a physical and physiological perspective to lead more balanced and calmer lives.

Turns out that if we don’t carve out calming time and get enough sleep, we have a bias against new activities.  What we do to our bodies with respect to food and nutrition, water consumption, and even relaxation exercises, has an impact on how we perceive and interact with the world.  Since we spend so much time indoors and in front of screens, we should take a break from technology for a while and just go outdoors to give our minds a change of scene.  (Seems like poet Walt Whitman had that idea.)

Coulter emphasizes the importance of language and cognition with respect to impulse control and delayed gratification.  Children have a different relationship with language than adults which often leads to parental inference relating to defiance whereas the child doesn’t fully understand a negative imperative.

Coulter advocates a morning meditation ritual to cleanse ourselves of yesterday’s stress.

Learn more at Dee Coulter’s site.

Ben King, Armor Down – Working with Veterans with Meditation and Yoga

Ben returned from Iraq in 2007. For six months he was flying high. Then the euphoria of returning home wore off and he was left with sleepless nights and a surprising amount of stress and physical discomfort. He spent the next 2 years worth of trial and error trying to figure out how to use mindfulness and exercise to calm his mind and realign his body for a civilian lifestyle. The Army taught him how to up armor his mind and body for War. He taught himself how to Armor Down.

On the show we cover:

  • War stress
  • Yoga and sleep
  • Art of Peace by Morihei Ueshiba and Armor Down Blog
  • Mindfulness Meditation; developing the witness and creating inner peace
  • Happy Wife, Happy Life
  • SEAL’s CDR Mark Divine & Rob DuBois on warriorship and meditation
  • Memorial Day Event

Armor Down –

Evolutionary Psychiatry – Emily Deans, MD

Our bodies and brains do best in conditions for which they are evolved, says psychiatrist Emily Deans, MD–and humankind’s quick shift  from hunter/gatherer to our industrial/digital lifestyle  is contributing to modern epidemics including obesity, diabetes, cancer, & depression.  In this podcast, Dr. Deans and Michael Ostrolenk discuss the psychiatric manifestations of our changed behavior and nutrition.  Learn more at Dr. Dean’s blog at Psychology Today.