Mises meets Maslow – Michael Strong explains F.L.O.W.

Michael Strong and Whole Foods CEO, John Mackey created the Freedom Lights Our World (F.L.O.W.)project to explore entrepreneurial solutions to the worlds problems. In this podcast, Mr. Strong discusses with Michael Ostrolenk his transformation from left-wing college student to “conscious capitalist” and why free markets are the most efficient way to find creative, and innovative ways to eliminate societies plights while protecting our environment and human dignity. His book Be the Solution is available at http://astore.amazon.com/frliouwoflin-20 .

Freedom Lights our World – Entrepreneurial Solutions to Restore Medical Freedom

Entrepreneurial solutions are the often the best yet frequently overlooked way to solve world problems and the Freedom Lights our World (F.L.O.W.) project was created by Michael Strong and Whole Foods, CEO, John Mackey to bring such ideas to life. Mr. Strong speaks today with Michael Ostrolenk about the increasing control of health care in the United States and how free market solutions can help not only restore these freedoms but help shift the collective mindset from paternalism to autonomy.